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CFIT is an energetic fitness community that puts emphasis on you. If you’re looking to feel challenged, get inspired, or just work up a sweat, CFIT is the place for you! We’re all about keeping things fun and easy to follow for all fitness levels, so once you’re here, you’ll definitely want to keep coming back.

You’re a busy working client—we get it. We’re real people just like you. We also understand what you need to do to create a consistent workout pattern. It’s so much easier to keep doing something when it’s fun!

Our workouts are musically driven. No dance experience necessary. All you need is the willingness to try new things, push yourself to new limits, and work up the sweat of a lifetime.

We offer a wide variety of class types and intensity, so you can find the best (C)fit for you! Our instructors are some of the best in the business, so you’ll always have a professional experience from beginning to end. So if you’re ready, come join us for some of the most fun, intense, and satisfying workout experiences you’ll ever have!

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I joined CFIT thinking I would only be there for a couple months which is what I normally do with exercise programs and those months turned into years, fun years.

It continues to be a critical part of everyday life after 9 years.

Carly and Victoria make it easy to keep going back. During the Covid shutdown they figured out how to live stream so no one had an excuse to miss a class. They are always creating new classes to keep it fresh and new.

In addition to Carly and Victoria, I met so many great people and made some ‘friends for life’ because of CFIT.


CFITer since 2012

If someone were to ask me how I survived 2020, one of my top 3 answers would be CFIT. In a year of complete uncertainty, there was one thing that I was certain of, Carly and Victoria. 2 sisters taking their CFIT community and going virtual. CFIT is not just somewhere to get an amazing workout, on screen or in person, it’s somewhere to escape the stresses of life, especially in 2020. CFIT is a way of life.


CFITer since 2015

CFIT is such a positive, supportive, and motivating community! There truly is no other workout or environment like CFIT that will leave you sweating, smiling, and wanting to come back for more!


CFITer since 2016

When I joined CFIT in 2015 I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on me and the ways it would improve my life. CFIT unlocked a love inside of me, a love for myself, a love for moving my body, a love for laughing till it hurts and even a love for squats! Carly and Victoria have a way of pushing you through class with laughter, an amazing playlist and fun moves that you forget you are working out. CFIT feels like having a great time with  friends, because really that’s what it is!
Being a CFITer is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family. I’m happier and all around a better person afterwards!! Try to have a bad day after CFIT, I dare you!


CFITer since 2015

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